Jakarta Exhibition 2018

Educational tour by Institute of Technical Education (ITE) 2018

Educational tour by Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC)

“The learning journey at Senses was really insightful, as we were exposed to both theoretical and practical knowledge when we each had the opportunity to concoct our own perfume in the laboratory.”
- Isabelle -

“Moving forward, I think that my most important takeaway from this learning journey is that while machines may be a helpful tool to our progress, ultimately we must never lose that human creativity, initiative and drive that makes us critical thinkers and the makers of tomorrow (… and that we should smell good in the process)!” - AJ -

“In my opinion, the most meaningful takeaway from this Dean’s List programme is that over-reliance on certain equipment or methods should be avoided, and as we venture into aspects of science, we should explore with an open mind.”
- Tae Kwon -

“Hearing from the Senior Perfumer at Senses who had more than 50 years of perfuming experience under his belt, it was fascinating to understand that there are countless possibilities and combinations of fragrances to create new scents and perfumes.”
- Jon Yeo -

8th Anniversary Celebration

Educational tour by Raffles Institution Junior College (RIJC)

Ushering in 2017

Christmas Celebration