Research & Development

Senses International invests substantially in testing equipment and facilities to support our extensive research and development capabilities, as well as production batch quality control. And most essentially, to provide a cost-effective alternative for clients who wish to duplicate their fragrances or finished products.

We have state-of-the-art gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy equipment which we use to conduct detailed analyses on every aspect of fragrance composition including the quality of raw materials used, their constituents, and their mass-to-charge ratios.

Our modern olfactory evaluation cabins are designed with an air-flow control system to provide a highly effective environment for validating fragrance efficacy in end products. And our technical team conducts vigorous panel and product stability testing at every stage of the development process.

To stay ahead in an ever-evolving and fast-paced industry, our team of experts is constantly monitoring the global markets for the latest fragrance launches and innovative ingredients. We perform in-depth technical analyses on a broad variety of newly-emerging ingredients and are therefore able to assist clients in identifying new scent trends. Consequently, our large and growing library of fragrances is a valuable resource for clients in developing new products aimed at specific products and markets.

In addition to our strong research and development capabilities, we offer our clients flexible production volumes as our advanced manufacturing facilities are designed to support customised production ranging from only 25 kg to 10 tons.

Quality Management